God Gave Me Butterfly Wings-A Review

Ok. I know I said I don’t normally write book reviews. But, when you know people who write awesome books, you can’t help but want to share your excitement with the world. And, I am again excited about a book. This time it’s Taylor Eaton’s flash fiction compilation God Gave Me Butterfly Wings. Taylor was one of my first blog friends and shortly after “meeting” her, she published her first flash fiction book The Suicide of the Moon. I devoured that book. It was fantastic. Full of all the magic and wonder that the moon itself possesses. I signed up for her newsletter so I would continue to receive new stories specifically for newsletter subscribers. And I haven’t been disappointed.

When I heard she was getting ready to publish a new book, I was excited and I couldn’t wait to see what would come out of Taylor’s very creative imagination. Her blog, Little Write Lies, is home to more of her imaginative writing, and I knew that this next book would be something special. I wasn’t wrong.

God Gave Me Butterfly Wings is a very misleading title. Do not for one minute think that this is going to be just another uplifting collection of religious musings. While it does talk about God and angels and heaven, it’s not the all powerful deity and pureness we have come to associate with those ideas. Instead, Taylor brings a very dark perspective to the entities we have come to think of as omniscient, kind, just, and caring. In one story, Taylor gives us an interesting view of God as a celestial maintenance man. In another, God is an indifferent bored deity playing with our worlds like a child with a new toy, until that child destroys it and wants another. The story for the book’s title, someone asks to fly and God sews wings onto their back and soul and we learn that for every wish there is a cost.

Taylor’s unique voice, established in The Suicide of the Moon, is ever present in this one. Her tales are thought provoking and carry you into the heart of the story from the beginning. They are reminiscent of classic fairy tales or fables, the ones meant for adults before the Victorians changed them into harmless tales for children. Taylor’s style is such that by the time you are finished, you don’t want to leave. My only complaint is that there were no more stories and I have to wait for the next book.

God Gave Me Butterfly Wings is a beautiful, dark treasure.

Please do me a favor and let’s help spread the word about Taylor’s wonderful book. Download it from Amazon where it’s only $0.99. It’s a very quick read, though I highly suggest you take your time reading each story and let it settle in you before reading the next, like a poem. Then, if you have enjoyed it as much as I have, leave a review for her on Goodreads and Amazon. Your positive reviews help encourage others to buy her book and it does thrill her to no end. You will find Amazon links to both books at the bottom of this post. Thank you.

xo Jesi

P.S. Taylor also has a story in Gates of Erebus. Check it out too!

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