Getting Through The Small Days

Dear Tamara,

If I could sing about a time when I experienced the kind of success I think you are talking about in today’s poetry prompt, I would. But I don’t feel much like singing today. Instead, I am going to simply celebrate the fact that I got through this small day by posting today’s poem on success then going to have a glass of wine and read something beautiful.

All my love,




By Jesi Scott


Some days

Success means

Not zipping through

The digital wires to zap

That one person who deserves

A little first-person Karma justice

But rather breathing in deeply and

Remembering that they deserve kindness

And compassion despite what you may think.


Other days, success is simply getting through

The day without wanting to ball yourself

Up and crawl back into that small dark

Space inside, to not hide but rather

To take a breath and face the pain

And remember that rainbows

Only grace the sky once the

Sun shows its face from

Behind the clouds.