Get Your Geek On!



I love this. I love this so so much. Last year one of the local libraries I inhabit/haunt frequent began participating in this. It’s a program to encourage you to show your support for your local libraries. You can read more about the program here. I have had a fierce love for libraries since my first visit to one when I was seven years old. I’m not talking about a school library. I’m talking about a public library. I mean, come on…a place where you can go and read books, any book you can think of, for free? A seven year old may not know many things (although in this day and age they know a lot more than I did) but they know what “free” means. I was totally in.


And so began a love affair for all things library. There has never been a time since that first visit that I have not had a library card. I was more excited about getting my first library card than I was when I received my driver’s license. The first thing I do whenever I move to a new place is find the closest library and go sign up for a card. It just fills my heart with sunshine and butterflies and all things sparkly and good. Bookstores are almost as good, but you have to BUY those books. Whether it’s a bookstore or a library, I lose myself in them. I can happily wander among the shelves looking at books and I have to force myself to only take out a few at a time because there’s no way I can read a hundred books in three weeks. Well, maybe if they are all children’s books, but I think you understand my point. Even my kids love libraries. Most of the time when I tell them I’m going to the library when I’m out running errands at least one of them always wants to go with me. Usually my eldest and Tornado (Tornado just wants to go anywhere to be fair). The other two weigh in on where else Mom has to go.


So, I’m a huge supporter of supporting your local library. Just this year I even joined the volunteer organization that helps fundraise and take care of my local library. Unfortunately, I’ve only been able to attend one meeting because life has a way of pushing other things to the top of the priority list. But, I do help out on my own as often as I can. How? By participating in what the library has to offer. It’s not just free books. My writing critque group meets there. There are any number of children/teen/adult activities that the library sponsors or gives a place to hold the event. They host community events such as Casino Night or Seussfest (a Dr. Seuss celebration), and they provide parking for some events such as the Fourth of July fireworks extravaganza.


But this Geek The Library thing has totally won my undying love. I am a geek. I am not ashamed to admit it. What do I geek out about? So many things! I geek out about London (as I’m sure you know by now), vampires, knitting, music, books, bookmarks (I know, that’s a really weird one but I’ve finally embraced it), sci-fi movies, British sitcoms, poetry, bookstores, movies, musicals, plays, Henrik Ibsen, Shakespeare, and on and on and on. What can I not find to geek out about? There are SOOO many cool things! My friend Lizzi geeks out about bloggers. Yep. She’s collecting us all. I love that. CJ and AJ geek Harry Potter, among other things. My kids geek video games, Star Wars, and trying to drive me insane. What do you geek?

geek4 gaimangeekkinggeekgeek5


If you are a writer one of the MOST important things you must do is read. Reading helps give you insight into how to construct a story. It shows you how to build a world others might want to live in. You find out what kind of characters you care about, and which ones you don’t. If you don’t read, it’s going to be difficult to write. One of the things my crit group is told is “read in the genre you are writing in.” If you are writing a young adult novel you need to be reading young adult books. Writing romance? Read romance. You will discover so many important do’s and don’t’s by reading your genre. What type of cover is the genre as a whole using? What font? How are the chapters set up? Are prologues popular in the genre now? These kinds of things can only be discovered by reading. And where best to get books in your genre without having to pay money for them? Your local library.


Yes, I am plugging libraries. It’s very important to support your local one. And, I told you…I love them. I geek libraries. You should too.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day/Tuesday!

xo Jesi