Gee, She Apologized!

I’m really sorry. Sometimes you just can’t resist going with the obvious. It’s just too easy. Someone has to do it.

Today’s Blogging A to Z  letter is G (if you haven’t been keeping up). I actually had to think about this one because today’s NaPoWriMo is to write a palinode. A palinode is a retraction of a statement you made in another earlier poem. A reversal of opinion you might say, but in poetic form. If in one poem you said that the blue sky made you feel happy, you might write a palinode that says that the blue sky now makes you feel sad.

In my case, I knew exactly which poem to choose for my palinode. But, hang it all, there’s that letter G thing to attend to. So, I did what any poet with young children would do…I went and found the children’s dictionary and began looking up G words. And I found one. So, without further ado, my palinode.

Have a great Wednesday!

xo Jesi



A Genuine Apology to the Apple

By Jessica Scott


I gave two cents of common sense,

But in my defense

I really do like apples.


I like them all big and small,

Especially in the fall,

Nice juicy apples.


I like them red and baked in bread,

Like I said

I really like them apples.


They’re good for your health, they might bring you wealth,

But maybe not stealth,

You really should eat apples.


So do not think or make a stink

That I’m a fink…

Because I really do like apples.