Feeling Less Than Inspiring Today

It has been a rough day. I had said I would respond to the Very Inspiring Blogger nomination today but I am just having a hard time feeling inspirational at the moment. We all go through this, have these moments. What do you do when it’s your turn? I turn to music or silence, and poetry. So, I’d like to share something I read tonight that touched me, and reminded me of how we are all one and will never be alone as long as we realize that. I am dedicating this to 1000 Voices for Compassion. You see, self-compassion is just as important as compassion for others and, sometimes, it is the hardest to give. Tonight, I am going to give myself a break, and allow myself time to be weak and vulnerable. I’ll see you tomorrow, strong once again and ready to continue down my path.

All my love, dear Lunatics,



You Tell Mejewel

by Jewel Kilcher

( from her book A Night Without Armor: Poems)

It cannot be so

      you say

simple hands

cannot change

the fate of humanity.

      I say

Humanity is

a boundless,

absorbing heart


death & generations

and centuries

absorbing bullets

and stitches

and tear gas

enduring humiliation

and illegal abortions

and thankless jobs

      I say to you

the heart of Humanity

has not

and will not

be broken

And let us raise ourselves

like lanterns

with the millions of others-

with the mad

and the forgotten

and the strong of heart

to shine

(Join us February 20, 2015 to Speak for Compassion-for more info click here or here)