Do You Have A Tardis?

I’m behind already. I knew I would be. You can’t multitask without one of the balls you’re juggling falling at some point. In my case I’ve had two fall. But that’s okay because they aren’t as important as the others and I can easily pick them back up again.

I’m behind on my NaPoWriMo schedule and the nature photo challenge Lizzi tagged me on. If you follow me on Facebook you might be seeing lots of spring pictures showing up. The photo challenge would be why. It’s fun and gets me out of constant packing and moving and I’ve noticed I’m more relaxed when I do it.

As for NaPo…I will get caught up. It may take doing two poems at a time since all I have time for today is one, maybe another later this evening once I get everyone’s schedule done.

Today I’m doing Day Two which is to write a poem in the form of a family portrait. You can write a stanza for each person or write about a family picture. I did the latter as I have this one picture I love. It’s a generation picture of my great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, and myself at about a month old. We are all first daughters in our families. In a way it’s like going back in time, like having my own personal tardis. So here is my offering for NaPo.

    Generation Pic

The Fate’s Photograph

By Jesi Scott


We travel back across the decades,

Four generations of women

In one place at one time;

The past, the present, the future…

Who says the time-space continuum cannot be warped?

A vision captured briefly on paper.

See there in the wrinkles of Atropos

the warning of life ending before you know it,

so live well.

There, in the hands of Lachesis, her rod invisible,

determining your destiny.

And Clotho, lovely and young,

deciding life and death of the mortals and gods,

holding on her lap

the future that is to come,

all of it fading now into yellow paper

curling at the edges

as Time proves

that even the Fates cannot escape it’s grasp.