Desire is Love’s pure flame…

DesireI have to admit that I love today’s poetry challenge which really didn’t seem much of a challenge to me being about obsession and desire. You see, poets know desire, intimately. We are ruled by our passion, our Muse, and to know our Muse is to know desire, to be obsessed with wanting. I think it’s a requirement. But what is desire? The dictionary defines it clinically as “a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.” Yes, but isn’t desire so much more than that? Coleridge describes it as “Love’s pure flame”, and Alice Walker says that ” desire can sometimes transform into devotion”. If you go to and enter desire into the search box you will find 917 poems about desire. Desire is an aroma, a pain, a maze, and a seed. It can be something simple, such as the desire for something to eat, or complicated (love triangles anyone?). Desire can take over our lives if we let it, sometimes to our ruin, and sometimes, to our very great joy. So, here is my contibution to today’s challenge, inspired by David Bowie’s character, Jareth, from Labrynth. Also, my 3rd poem for Day 3’s challenge about indulgences which is (ironically) also about desire, and I wrote it as the suggested Tri-fall form. And I apologize on the fact that I could not get it to stay in format so there are no spaces between stanzas. There are three stanzas of six lines each. Thanks, and enjoy!



By Jessica Scott 


There is a place I will be someday,

Whether in your arms, your bed,

Or your heart.

I will be in your soul.

I will infect you with love,

And be the all-consuming disease

You cannot cure.

For once in your thoughts,

I shall not leave,

Though you may try to forget me,

Try to ignore me,

Try to extract my face from your dreams.

But there I’ll be when you awake,

As real as the bed on which you lay.

And the only cure for this condition

Is to love me back, as wholly as I love you.

So, think of me,

Whisper to me in the dark,

Dream of me,

And I will be yours.




While We Can

By Jessica Scott

He reached into the bag,

One, two, three

Candy hearts that he gave to me…

My heart he tries to snag,

Words in glee

Across the tops in silent plea.

So, a kiss I give him,

Sugar rush,

A sweet indulgence in reward…

His cup filled to the brim,

Pink stained blush,

A heart for a heart, he was floored.

Later, and in our haste,

One, two, three

Candy hearts spill onto the floor…

My skirt ripped at the waist,

Lovers ,we

Indulge before there is no more.