Dear Love

Dear Love

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by Jesi Scott


Dear Love,


How do I begin to say

all that my words cannot convey?

How I wish you’d simply stayed away.


I was fine all on my own

when you made yourself known,

understanding I didn’t want to be alone.


And there I was, caught in your gravity,

lost without reason, no clarity,

baptised in your rhapsody.


Now, here I stand watching you walk away,

the words catching in my throat, held at bay,

as memories replay.


My fragile strength is now gone.

I am broken, no reason to move on.

And this conclusion was foregone-

the moment you said hello.

4 Replies to “Dear Love”

    1. 🙂
      No, it’s not autobiographic. I was listening to Sara Bareilles’s song Gravity last night and it always inspires. I was thinking about one of the lyrics “all my fragile strength is gone” and suddenly a letter took shape. It’s simply a message to the way love comes and goes and how sometimes a simple “hello” eventually leads to goodbye, and yet, we still find ourselves getting caught up in Love’s gravity. Even when we know we might be about to burn up in it’s atmosphere.

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