Dear Despair, Here’s A Hug

Dear Despair, Here’s A Hug

I had a full weekend so I have been catching up with the poetry prompts I missed while I was busy. So, if you signed up for email notifications/posts you will be/have received three separate email posts. I apologize for spamming your inbox. But I’m all caught up and hopefully will not be doing that again. No promises though. October is always a frantically busy month for me.

Today’s prompt  is a form. Click the link to find out more about it. I’m fairly certain that I did not follow the prompt’s conventions but I did try to follow it as I understood it. One sentence for each “Dear.”

I battle with mild depression. I’m fortunate that I can control it with diet and exercise but many cannot. For today’s poem I was inspired to view my depression as a person. What would I say to her if I met her? How would I view her? I am a nurturer by nature, and so here is what I hope my response would be. It’s short but heartfully meant.

xo Jesi


Dear Despair

By Jesi Scott


Dearest Girl,

You were never meant to feel such pain.

My Dearest Heart,

Hopes crushed in vain.

Darling One,

Oh no, not again!

My Love

Left standing in the rain.

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