Color Your World & Revolution

keep-calm-and-colour-your-world-3Ready for more poetry for the poetry challenge? Today’s prompt was “Color Your World”. After days of some pretty intensive subjects for poetry it was time for a more light-hearted approach. But I had to sit for a bit with this one. There are so many different ways I could have gone. I started one poem in which I described the 5k fun run I did in April this year called The Color Run. (I plan on doing it again because it was so much fun.) However, I scrapped it. I really couldn’t think of anything to write about. But then, my eye fell onto the vibrant purple yarn sitting on my desk waiting to become a scarf. And the words came.  The second poem included today is for Day 4’s challenge about revolution and what we are creating with our poetry. Hope you like them.

xo Jesi



As She Knits

By Jessica Scott

 knitting1She likes the feel of the wool running through her fingers-

The wooden sticks clicking and clacking against each other,

whisper a litany of “in, wrap, through, and slide”

Over and over as she knits her love into each brightly colored loop.

I watch the vibrant yarn in her hands,

Never able to see the magic she casts upon the string.


Words, Words, Words

By Jessica Scott

I pull words from the air,

Like picking apples from a tree, or berries from a bush.

This one and this one, that one there, another and another,

Until my basket is full.

These words are mine, and I know how to use them

With great skill.

So what shall I do with these words of mine?

Shall I build empires only to destroy them,

Watch them burn?

Shall I build dreams and watch them fade away?

Shall I use them in ignorance, or to spread lies?

Shall I encourage dissonance and hate-mongering?

Distraction, confusion, hurt or grief?


Those words are yours.

You may use them and twist them to your own ends.

But these words…

These words are mine,

And they begin, and end, with Love.