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It’s a new blog! The Birth of the Twisted Writers

I promised you something big and here it is:   It’s the birth of a new writing blog created by a group of people I met a year ago and enjoy being around. The core members of my writing group got together in January and decided it was high time we...


Monday’s Muse: When Life Gives You Lemons

Today begins that annual event that makes childish hearts beat fast with joy and glee. At the same time parents cringe and begin planning things so that these same children will not drive said parents crazy with choruses of “I’m bored, there’s nothing to do” for the following week. Yes, I...


Monday’s Muse: A Poem About Hemingway

Things are rather busy here today so I’m just going to drop this here and run. Today’s poem took shape because I had just glanced over at a book on my shelf and wondered who the author’s muse could have been. Voilá! A poem was born. Happy Monday everyone. xo Jesi...


Dreaming of Poetry

Do you ever dream of writing? I mean, quite literally, dreams of writing, not writing as a goal. The first one I had was in my early twenties and I was in such a hurry that I forgot to write it down. I was keeping a dream journal then but I...


The Fickle Muse

Happy Monday everyone. I am stuck in my house today. Winter has finally arrived in Texas. I awoke around four this morning to ice and sleet and a little bit of snow cracking on my windowpanes. I do believe I am a captive in my house for the next few days…or...

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