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Painting the Roses Red

Last night I decided it was time to actually clean my bedroom. Since we moved into the new house last spring the master bedroom seems to have become the dumping ground for things that no one knows where to store. This makes for a pretty lousy area in which to get...

Meet Me Here 0

Meet Me Here

Still having trouble with the blog. For poetry shenanigans find me over at the Well Tempered Bards until further notice. Jesi


What Is Written Beneath the Skin

The Bone Writers By Jesi Scott   All you see is what you think I am, No more than that. And you think I don’t understand So you talk of things in front of me   Never knowing I hear what you say And understand what you don’t, The invisible mask...


One Impossible Thing Is Coming True-Five More To Go

So, I did a something about a month ago. I entered a poem into a big contest. Not one of those for-kicks-and-grins kind of contests, this one has a $2000 grand prize. I didn’t tell anyone about it. Honestly, I didn’t think it was that big of a deal and there...


When Celtic Inspiration Strikes

This is what happens when I listen to Celtic music. xo Jesi *Also posted at The Well Tempered Bards Beyond the Fog By Jesi Scott   Find your way o’er enchanted seas Loose the sail and catch the breeze Bring your heart and bend the knee Come and stay with me...


Waking Up Is Hard To Do

I am not a coffee drinker. My go-to hot drink is tea-Earl Grey or a Breakfast Blend- with milk and a small spoonful of sugar. Every day I look forward to sitting down with my cup and the scent of morning rising from the steaming surface. There’s nothing like that first...


Writing Poetry From Random Words

Today’s prompt from Poets On The Page was to create a poem using random words found any way you wanted to do it. I took to Facebook and put up a post requesting words. Within minutes I had more than enough words. Here’s the list they gave me: hopscotch   purple  ...


Never Have I Ever! Have You?

Shall We Play A Game By Jessica Scott   Never have I ever Heard a word so true As the lies that, from his lips, Fell like morning dew.   Never have I ever Seen a light so bright That from his eyes shined to hide The shadows of his spite....


Cyclic Interpretations

Felt in the mood to write today so I headed over to Poets On the Page to see what the prompt was for this week. Turns out they want us to write about cycles. Well, the one cycle I think I’m most attuned to is one that rules my life, the moon....

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