Crumbling Bridges

Blank faces stare like blank pages waiting to be filled- empty; darkness upon the face of the deep. One big bang to fill a vast universe of mind and matter, and a paradoxical heart, both black hole and a thousand suns, all of it endlessly spinning, dizzily tipping, until we all fall down.


What Is Written Beneath the Skin

The Bone Writers By Jesi Scott   All you see is what you think I am, No more than that. And you think I don’t understand So you talk of things in front of me   Never knowing I hear what you say And understand what you don’t, The invisible mask you think you wear […]


When Celtic Inspiration Strikes

This is what happens when I listen to Celtic music. xo Jesi *Also posted at The Well Tempered Bards Beyond the Fog By Jesi Scott   Find your way o’er enchanted seas Loose the sail and catch the breeze Bring your heart and bend the knee Come and stay with me   Seize the day […]


Waking Up Is Hard To Do

I am not a coffee drinker. My go-to hot drink is tea-Earl Grey or a Breakfast Blend- with milk and a small spoonful of sugar. Every day I look forward to sitting down with my cup and the scent of morning rising from the steaming surface. There’s nothing like that first sip swimming over your […]