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Sunday Is The New Friday (This Week Anyway…)

So, I’ve managed to get some sleep, although I really REALLY want to go back to bed right now. I’m functioning and able to think (somewhat) but I feel like I have a bad case of jetlag or something, honestly. I am so tired, still, but not all that sore. In fact, the pain in […]

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The Suicide of the Moon by Taylor Eaton

Okay, guys, don’t freak out. I know I’m posting on a Saturday-my blog remember? Sorry to throw you all off. BUT, this is a big deal. My friend, Taylor Eaton, from over at Little Write Lies, has had some big happenings this week. First and foremost, she started a newsletter for those of us who follow […]

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Friday Features: Elvis & Odes & Brewed Bohemians

Hey y’all! How’s your Friday starting out? Mine wasn’t so hot, but then one of my favorite remixes came on and now I’m happy, happy, happy! The remix is A Little Less Conversation, the JXL Remix, and that’s why I posted the video up above. Oh my gosh! I love it! It’s been my favorite […]