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Taking the Day Off

Hey y’all! Hope you are having a great Tuesday. I have to play nurse to a sick kiddo today and tomorrow. Lock has a touch of pneumonia, but we caught it early and he isn’t really feeling all that bad. He’s had a shot, some antibiotics and some cough medicine, and...


Fare Thee Well, Mr. Smee

I am completely shattered/gutted/sad. I woke up to find the world just a little bit sadder today. Bob Hoskins has passed away. This man was one of my favorite actors, not because of his big roles, but because of his small ones. Mr. Hoskins brought a sense of humour and fun...


It’s Been A Day

Today has been like the pic. It started out pretty good. I got up, got one kid off to school,and another ended up staying home because he’s been unwell, and I just didn’t feel like he needed to be out in the wind today as he’s had a fairly irritating cough. Then,...


In The Quiet Places

Some days I just sit and think when I should be working. I don’t even really pay close attention to what runs through my mind at these times; I just let the thoughts come and go as they will. Every so often a phrase will run through my head and find...


Care Package Day!

I truly have the bestest friends in the world. I have known Michelle, Tracy, and Laura for over 20 years. I met them all in 1987-88 at various times of that school year. Tracy is the oldest and Laura is the youngest. These women are all of them amazing, creative, intelligent,...



This past Sunday we celebrated the Tornado’s third birthday. We didn’t spend a lot of money on it, didn’t buy a lot of presents, and it was just us. And yet, he was happy. At this age it really isn’t about the quantity of gifts or how many people are there....

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