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How Did I Get Talked Into This?

Tonight I get to chaperone a bunch of teens, sort of. Mostly, I’ll be sitting at a table in a ballroom of a local hotel watching kids dance, parents watching their kids dance, and refilling candy bowls. I will be the only parent there without a kid at this event. It’s...


Friday’s Features: Sara Teasdale & What Weekly

Happy Friday everyone! I’m just going to jump right into things today because I’ve got so much to do and very little time to accomplish what I need to do. So, here we go. Today’s featured site is one I just discovered this morning and am impressed with already. What Weekly...


Vampires. Still.

I know. I should probably keep my blog more literature based, but this is sort of literary. Yes, mes les déments, I still have vampires on the brain. However, not the ones I’ve been talking about for the past week. This time it’s Lestat, one of my favorite vampires. I read...


In The Quiet Places

Some days I just sit and think when I should be working. I don’t even really pay close attention to what runs through my mind at these times; I just let the thoughts come and go as they will. Every so often a phrase will run through my head and find...


Care Package Day!

I truly have the bestest friends in the world. I have known Michelle, Tracy, and Laura for over 20 years. I met them all in 1987-88 at various times of that school year. Tracy is the oldest and Laura is the youngest. These women are all of them amazing, creative, intelligent,...



This past Sunday we celebrated the Tornado’s third birthday. We didn’t spend a lot of money on it, didn’t buy a lot of presents, and it was just us. And yet, he was happy. At this age it really isn’t about the quantity of gifts or how many people are there....

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