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    My Dragons Are Pink

    If you don’t follow me on Facebook or Twitter then you’re missing all the fun. I did something big for me. I changed my hair color. Naturally a blonde, I went medium brown after my dad passed away, and I loved the color so much that I have pretty much kept it brown ever since. I went back to blonde once since then but missed the brown. And now, I did a big thing. What do you think?   It’s for the Imagine Dragons concert I’m going to in two weeks. Plus, I needed an adventure and this suited perfectly. I kind of like it. But I’ll probably go back…

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    The Texas Blizzard

    Yes, you read that title correctly. Not that it was an actual blizzard but last night North Central Texas was pounded with sleet and heavy snows. Within 30 minutes we went from sleet to a half inch of powdery white stuff. It really did look like someone had put frosting all over everything and then sprinkled shredded coconut on it. It was absolutely gorgeous. I was so excited about it that I stayed up late just watching the snow fall. I don’t know why but watching snow fall makes me happy. Yep, that’s me, the Snow Queen. I went outside when it first started coming down and within five minutes…

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    Updating Again!

    Ok. Since I am having some issues with the font, and now some images not loading properly, I’m changing the theme again. I’ll also be updating links and going back in to make sure images work. The whole process will only take about 24-48 hours, and the blog itself will remain up and running until I am done. I’m using my development site to get everything as I want it, then I’ll make all the changes. I’ll end up tweaking the small things this next week so please, please, please let me know if you have any problems. Send me a comment or email me please! Thanks! Jesi 00

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    Update About the Blog

    Good morning everyone! I know it’s ridiculously early here in Texas. I’ve actually been up for about an hour and a half. Still not sure what woke me up but I am very certain that as soon as I get this posted I am totally going back to bed and getting some more sleep. I wanted to give an update about the blog. I have been having some problems with people not being able to see most of the fonts. I am using a WordPress theme that limits me to using only Google Webfonts. I have been trying to figure out how to bypass that but since I am not…

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    Are you hanging in there?

    Hey, y’all! Hope you guys and gals are all hanging in there with me. I’m still working on the site but I think I have it mostly the way I want it. Of course, being female, and from Texas, I could change my mind next week and decide I can’t stand any of it. But never fear, I’m setting up a development site to play around with as well so I won’t have to mess around with the actual site, until I’m happy with things. As it is, I hope you like what I’ve done. I’ve tried to make it a little more accessible, and easier to move around in.…

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    Homer’s got this!

    Put on your hardhats, grab your thermos, and keep checking back! For now everything is staying the same but that is going to change in the next 48 hours. I will be adding a new theme and reconstructing things. Hopefully, it will all work the way I want it to and everything will look fresh and neat and awesome! Hope your Thursday is going well. xo Jess 00

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    Look! It’s a book…in a tree!

    Yes, I am Β trying to distract you all. I have nothing to write today. All has been quiet on the western front the past couple of days. The most fun thing I’ve done is go to the library, which for me is quite a lot of fun actually. I get lost in libraries, and bookstores. Well, not really lost but I do lose track of time. My mom used to say you could put me in a room with a book and come back hours later and still find me there. It was pretty accurate. I used to get in trouble for reading so much, too, because I’d read and…

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    I Keep Saying This Lately

    I know I keep apologizing for the lack of posts lately but I am truly sorry for not writing. Having 3-4 kids at home for summer vacation is a terrible inconvenience in the writing (and work) sector of my life. I’m very certain once they go back to school and a more stable schedule is back in place I will be able to get back to writing and posting every day. So, until then let’s scrap the normal blog schedule and I just post what I can when I can. How would that be for everyone? Great! I did go to see The Tempest Friday night and loved it! It…

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    Monday’s Muse: Invisibility

    Alright. It’ s Monday, and though I’m running behind today, I am at least here and getting a post out to you. Things have been a bit on the busy side lately but hopefully things will slow down after the 22nd. Today’s poem is one I wrote last month. It’s about a feeling I think everyone can relate to, that being how sometimes we all feel as if no one sees us. The truth is, we are seen. Someone listens and hears us even when we think no one does. We are not alone in this world, though we often feel as if we are. But no one is invisible.…

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    Still Here

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to post a short note to let you all know that I am actually here. I did make it back home in one piece but have been busy ever since. Why is it that you take a vacation to get a rest but then you need to rest from your vacation? I had a lovely time in Chicago, and I still think I could live there very easily if I didn’t mind the taste of the water or the fact that my allergies were a nightmare all weekend. That, plus the cost of living there is higher than here in Dallas. Anyway, this week has…