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      It’s almost that time of year again. October Poetry Writing Month at OctPoWriMo! I’ll be joining in the fun this year in more ways than just writing. I’ve volunteered to help out with whatever they need me to do so maybe you’ll see something more from me than just a poem. Anyway, if you haven’t linked up yet, please do so here (click for the link). Hope to see you there and I can’t wait to read your poems!   <3 Jesi 00

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    No idea if anyone is seeing this but sending it out into the ether anyway. First new poem of 2018. Enjoy! She lived her life dessicated, An arid desert in the heat of summer… Dusty sand that scours raw the skin And the few crumbling brown plants, dead for lack of moisture. Then came the storms With drops that hissed and sizzled, And drowned the parched land Bringing life to the xeriscape, And hope bloomed in profusion.   00

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    Dear Love

    by Jesi Scott   Dear Love,   How do I begin to say all that my words cannot convey? How I wish you’d simply stayed away.   I was fine all on my own when you made yourself known, understanding I didn’t want to be alone.   And there I was, caught in your gravity, lost without reason, no clarity, baptised in your rhapsody.   Now, here I stand watching you walk away, the words catching in my throat, held at bay, as memories replay.   My fragile strength is now gone. I am broken, no reason to move on. And this conclusion was foregone- the moment you said hello.…

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    Something To Think About Today

      The Homeless By Jessica Scott   North winds blow winter’s chill across a bleak and dreary landscape. Trees bereft of leaves bear small resemblance to their grand summer counterparts, looking more like stick figure apparitions with moaning countenances. Still, I love the cold and otherworldly beauty in the seeming death of nature. There’s hope hidden in every hibernating leaf bud, the promise of spring in evergreen bushes.   As I gaze through frost-painted windows, warm in my nest with a cup of tea at hand, I watch the small brown birds that live in the holly on the other side of the glass pane huddle together and I wonder…

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    So Far So Good

      So, here we are, four days into the new year, and there’s already been some changes as you can obviously see. The new look is working for me for now, but we’ll see how it goes. With my restless ways you never know what you’re going to find when you drop by. Next. I don’t remember if I shared the news or not but my peace poem was published along with the other Poets For Peace members in Praxis Magazine Online. Every year they are going to publish the anthology for the group. The download is free and you can get it here (clickable link). There were so many wonderful…

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    Choose Love

    The color of skin does not matter. Gender does not matter. Sexuality does not matter. Religion, politics, whatever flavor of ice cream one likes…does not matter. There is always someone who is going to say you are wrong because you are not like me. How sad that is. I’ve thought about things for the last 24 hours. I’ve thought that maybe if we had more control over the media and forced them to report only those things that are true-no embellishments for publicity or to control certain perspectives-then we might have more tolerance for things. But, no. We would still be dealing with ignorance and gullibility and fear, and those…

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    Do You Have A Tardis?

    I’m behind already. I knew I would be. You can’t multitask without one of the balls you’re juggling falling at some point. In my case I’ve had two fall. But that’s okay because they aren’t as important as the others and I can easily pick them back up again. I’m behind on my NaPoWriMo schedule and the nature photo challenge Lizzi tagged me on. If you follow me on Facebook you might be seeing lots of spring pictures showing up. The photo challenge would be why. It’s fun and gets me out of constant packing and moving and I’ve noticed I’m more relaxed when I do it. As for NaPo…I…