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Guilty Pleasure Warning: It’s Hot In Here Today

Guilty pleasures….oh, how I LOVE LOVE LOVE today’s poetry challenge. There are sooo many ways to go with this particular prompt. I cannot tell you how awesome I think this is. Because I don’t feel guilty about ANY of my pleasures, bar one. And, there is no way I will admit...


I Accept Your Challenge and Another Chapter Begins

I did the challenge from yesterday, you guys, but my video was still rendering so I am putting it up along with the next challenge, which is…Another Chapter Begins. Okay, maybe it’s just me but some of these challenges hit amazingly close to home. Today’s prompt is exactly what started me...


Just a Quick Note

I am going to have to post my response to today’s challenge a little bit later on this evening. So, please, please, please come back and check in later to see if I rose to the challenge or not. Lots of love. Jesi


Definitely NOT the Ballroom Blitz

Hey everyone. How are you? I’m doing ok today. Still feeling a bit down but I think I’ve finally reconciled my feelings and we’ll see where it takes me. Let’s get into today’s poetry challenge, shall we? We’re writing about being late,¬†and the anxiety and stress that creates. The suggested poetic...


Raindrops On My Windowpane the Saturday He Died

My Sunday is not going so well, though I’m not sure just when or where it began to metamorphose into what it is. Somehow the day turned into “a day”. Maybe I just didn’t get enough sleep, or maybe I’m just feeling caged in a bit. So, when I was finally...


Getting Creative with The New Royalty

Guess what? We got to play with words again today but in a different way. Today’s challenge is to get creative with Blackout Poetry. Until today, I had never tried this, other than highlighting college textboks, but somehow I don’t think that counts. Blackout poetry is when you get a book,...


Some Fun and Moon Madness

OctPoWriMo challenge-Days 17 and 8 (for me). Today’s challenge: Words, Words, Words. Cut out words that catch your eye from newspapers, magazines, junk mail, etc, or use a random word generator or magnetic poetry (including the online one here-very addictive, trust me) and take a picture or screen shot of what...


Once Upon a Time There Was Silence

  Good morning (I say as I yawn and stretch). The kids are off to school, I have my cup of tea, and I’m ready to get on with the day. So, what is in the plans? Not a lot, hopefully. It’s Thursday and, with any luck, I can get some...


We’re at the Halfway Point-Perfect!

I woke up exactly at 4 am this morning. No idea why, either but I’m in the best mood. I know, incredible. Who does that? Me, apparently. Anyway, I discovered my next poetry challenge waiting for me in my email: the halfway point. We’re there. Today marks fifteen days of poems...

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