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Taking Stock and Going Forward

Happy New Year, my lovely Lunatics! I truly hope you have had a wonderful holiday season. Tomorrow I begin taking down all of the decorations before the 6th gets here. Today, though, is for looking back at what’s been accomplished, and looking forward to being ever closer to reaching my dreams....


Happy Blogiversary and Merry Christmas

Yesterday was my 1 year blogiversary. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been blogging that long. It doesn’t seem like it’s already been a year. And, like time does when you’re having fun, it flew by so fast. It has been a pleasure writing and sharing my life and my writings...


On Being In A Critique Group

I have spoken on here about how much I love being in my writing critique group. I love it. It has been such a saving grace to me in more ways than one. It is my main social activity, and I really don’t like missing one meeting. Janaury 2015 marks my...


This Above All: To Thine Own Self Be True

I wasn’t going to write this post. I thought of twenty reasons why I shouldn’t, why I couldn’t, and that I didn’t have to, especially since it deals with a bit of controversy. In the end, my heart, speaking ever so quietly as it ofttimes does, reminded me that for change...


Poppies, and One Lovely Blog Award

Okay. So, I woke up this morning to discover that I have been nominated again for the One Lovely Blog Award! Second time this year! I’m so excited about that. Especially because in discovering that fact I discovered someone new who had been reading my blog that I didn’t know had...


And We’re Live!

It is official! I now have a live community page on Facebook. Go “like” it and give me a little thrill by increasing that number on my screen. 🙂 It will be updated as soon as I have more time. Thanks everyone! *mwah* Jesi


Summer Is Officially Over

This morning I had to actually wear a jacket while waiting with Jack for the school bus to arrive. Sometime over the weekend the morning temperature changed and there is a chill in the air now that wasn’t there before. Despite the official calendar date, Mother Nature has decided summer is...


Where Were You?

Hello, my lovely Lunatics. Last week was such a busy week that by the time Thursday got here I was already done in. But, I still had so much to do that I nearly failed to stop and take a few minutes to remember what day it was. I did stop,...


One Lovely Blog Award

Last night I received a tweet from my good friend CJ over at DYSB Writing. CJ and I know each other in person. Like, she lives about five minutes by car away from me. I can literally walk to her house in 30 minutes. Ten months ago I didn’t even know...


Can I go back to bed, please?

I have to be completely honest. I’m not just tired, I’m so ruddy tired I barely made it out of bed this morning. Even so, it was only to go tell Lock and Jack that I was going to take them to school today instead of making them ride the bus...

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