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    When Modesty Forces You To Eat Your Own Words

    Remember these? Buttons/lapel pins/whatever you want to call them, they were popular back in the day. I had a few. Still have some of them. One of my favorites was this one that said “My charm, beauty, and honesty are only exceeded by my modesty.” It was my favorite because it was funny, and kind of true. I was often told that I was too modest because I had/have a hard time accepting praise for my accomplishments. Yesterday I posted to Facebook a picture of the sweater I made for myself. I’ve been working on it most of December and I finally finished it this past weekend. I had to…

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    Some Advice For The New Year

      No, I haven’t disappeared or fallen into a black hole. I’m still here. Just taking a much needed break. I’ve had a lot of personal things going on in my life this month and I’ve needed to back away from things and take a breath or two. I’m hoping the new year will bring a little bit of calm that December decided I didn’t need. One of the things that happened, recently, was an unexpected negative thing that could have been so much worse but wasn’t. My only current vehicle is my SUV. Β My Prius’s hybrid battery died in November and, as it’s out of warranty, it’s going to…

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    Dear Despair, Here’s A Hug

    I had a full weekend so I have been catching up with the poetry prompts I missed while I was busy. So, if you signed up for email notifications/posts you will be/have received three separate email posts. I apologize for spamming your inbox. But I’m all caught up and hopefully will not be doing that again. No promises though. October is always a frantically busy month for me. Today’s prompt Β is a form. Click the link to find out more about it. I’m fairly certain that I did not follow the prompt’s conventions but I did try to follow it as I understood it. One sentence for each “Dear.” I…

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    Love Her As She Is

    I know this amazing woman who has the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen. She says she has alien eyes but I think they’re rather gorgeous. And she has a voice that’s like warm honey. Sometimes, I don’t think she realizes how deeply her words touch people, and how, even in her dark moments, she still shines like a star. Because Lizzi calls her Sunset I’ve begun to think of her that way. Her spirit reminds me of the color of the sky as it turns from red to coral to pink to blue to indigo to ink. I don’t think you can pick one color out from her…

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    Straight From My Heart Love Will Never End

    Two years ago this very day I was in Amarillo spending the last birthday he would ever have with my dad. Well, actually, yesterday was that day. My kids and I drove up from Dallas to surprise him. Three kids in a Jeep Compass on a six to seven hour drive. And the smile on his face when I walked in the door…I will never forget my dad’s smile. I didn’t write this yesterday because I couldn’t. Some days the Missing Him is fine while other days the rend in my heart is opened fresh. Yesterday I felt ok, until I didn’t. So I distracted myself as best I could…

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    Today I get Real and Personal over on Hastywords. She was kind enough to post my #BeReal and what that means to me. It was hard to talk about and under normal circumstances, I don’t open up to people to this extent. But some things need to be heard, and I hope I can make a difference. So go check it out. Thanks. xo Jesi 00

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    It’s My First Video Blog!!!!

    Yep, that’s right. My first attempt at vlogging. Some notes about this video: 1. I was nervous-excuse the um’s and moments where I stumble over my tongue. 2. My brain works on warp speed sometimes and it takes awhile for my mouth to catch up-sometimes my brain stops mid-tracks and I have to think about where I was going with that train of thought…(snickering at the pun)…please gloss over the tangents. In fact, gloss over all the terrible parts. πŸ˜‰ 3. My cats are expert photo/video bombers. Benedict Cumberbatch has nothing on them. Hell, they probably taught him a thing or two. 4. I’m still learning how to edit videos…ignore…

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    #BeReal by Hastywords

    Hastywords, a blog acquaintance and very sweet lady, has begun a blog series called #BeReal. It’s an incredible series being written about and spoken of by many bloggers on the interwebs. It’s about being who you are, whomever that might be, and learning not to judge others. It’s about realizing that first impressions are not always the correct impressions, and people are layered.   Hasty began the series last week with five incredibly talented and amzing people. She continues the series this week, and I would love if you would hop over and check out ALL of the articles in the series. And sign up if you are interested in…

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    There Are Girls In My House

    My best friend, Laura, and her brood plus one friend, are visiting from Chicago. That means I have five extra people in my house. That also means I am not outnumbered now. There are a total of five females here, and my boys are happy about this. Every single one of them would love to have a sister. Even though they have to put up with me. Either I’m not that fearsome or I have them completely deluded about girls. But the look I just got from my eldest when I asked him if he wanted to come with all of us girls to the mall? Priceless. (Guess who is…