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Countdown to Friday

So, those of us participating in #1000Speak Voices For Compassion are supposed to do a little reveal of what our post is going to be about Friday. I really thought about it. I’ve had my idea in mind for about a week and have been working as often as I can...


Who Really Was The Wolf?

Have a new poem for you today. Enjoy! xo Jesi Brother Pig & the Wolf By Jessica Scott   There was a little pig built his house of bricks because he thought others stupid for building with straw and sticks.   “That won’t keep the wolf out when he comes to...


Uniquely Depressing

I want to share something with you today. It’s something I don’t have any experience with at all. Instead, I hear second-hand from someone who has to live with it daily. As most of you know, my eldest son lives with his dad. My ex-husband remarried almost four years ago. The...


We Are Fire

In case you missed it here is the poem I wrote for the guest blog I did over at The Well Tempered Bards. We Are Fire by Jessica Scott (Dedicated to Everyone, with all my Love)   We are the embers waiting to glow, We are the seed expecting to grow....

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