Care Package Day!

Cookie Monster Friend

I truly have the bestest friends in the world. I have known Michelle, Tracy, and Laura for over 20 years. I met them all in 1987-88 at various times of that school year. Tracy is the oldest and Laura is the youngest. These women are all of them amazing, creative, intelligent, wonderful people, and I am so proud to call them my friends. These ladies would do anything for me, and I would do anything for them. I would totally share my last cookie with them. Shoot, I’d just give them the whole cookie because I love them that much.

I’m bringing this up today, not because I’m doing my best friends blog post. No, I’m doing it because today Laura sent me a care package. See, Laura and I have a pretty neat connection. What happens to me usually happens to her, too. It’s really the oddest thing. It’s to the point that it even affects our kids in a way. Her oldest daughter was born the day after my dad’s birthday but 31 days before my oldest son was born, who also just happened to be born the day before Laura’s own birthday which also happened to be the same day as the birthday of the woman who used to be my best friend in school, and my step-dad’s birthday.

Laura and I met because I sent a letter in to a teen magazine (back in the late 80’s) for a penpal. I thought it’d be neat and fun, and it was. Laura was the very first response I received. We’ve been friends ever since, though we didn’t physically meet until November of 1998. In all that time we wrote letters, sent cards, and she always sent me care packages. She tries to fly down from Chicago once a year, although the last few years life has just not cooperated. She made it down in November of last year before my dad passed away. I went up to Chicago about 5 years ago, which was my first trip there. And I loved it! I completely understand why she won’t move down here. It’s pretty awesome. This year she’s flying me up for my second trip and I honestly cannot wait. I love spending time with this woman. To my kids she’s Aunt Laura and they love her to death. They also think she’s as crazy as I am, which would be why we get along so well. She’d probably get me into trouble, too, like Michelle, except this would be a different kind of trouble. This would be trouble for my own good. That works more like this: lets go run this 5k. Sure, ok. Oh by the way, this is who we are running with (as she introduces me to some really cute guys she met at a piano bar). Thanks, sweetie! Love you, too!

Yep, that’s Laura. And I love her to death and beyond. See this? This is what was in the care package today.

What is missing from this pic is the almost 2 pounds of chocolate she sent that had to be put into the freezer because it was soft and I didn’t want it to melt. You also cannot see the 2 pair of jeans that are hiding under the tops, as well as the top she sent that will fit the Tornado. Also not showing is the small package she and I have already discussed that while it may fit me, probably will not be worn unless I end up with some hot British man and, ahem, well, the rest is none of your business. But, suffice it to say that she is taking our friendship to a whole new intimacy level that is cracking me up. Every woman needs a friend like this, someone who you can have truly intimate conversations that make you blush but make you laugh at the same time. She’s mine.

I am really very lucky in my friends. To have had all of them in my life for this long without losing them, is, to me, an amazing thing. Laura is one of my biggest supporters, and believes in me no matter what hare-brained idea I come up with. She has so much more confidence in me than I have in myself, and this gives me so much encouragement. It makes me realize how blind I might be to my own abilities. At the same time, I believe in her and her abilities the same way. I truly believe she’s my soul sister, and any man who comes into my life has to accept her and not be threatened by her because she’s not going anywhere. Not that she’d be afraid to tell him that herself. In fact, I’m pretty sure that any man that decides he wants to be a part of this crazy group of people would have to be half crazy himself.

My friends are my sisters. They are family. And I can’t think of anyone else I’d like to end up in the nursing home with driving the staff crazy than these three women. I love you ladies!