BOOM, Baby! NaNo Is Here!

Sorry for the post blackout. Last week of October meant getting blitzed with end-of-season marching band events, end-of-regular-season football games, Halloween, a family emergency, and a visit from The Niece. And let’s not forget NaNo began yesterday. Le Sigh. I’m tired already. At least the clocks turned back and I got some much needed sleep on Sunday.

So I missed several days worth of OctPoWriMo poems which I will be catching up on, though not today. And quite possibly, not all at once. Because NaNo.

And speaking of NaNo, I missed writing yesterday so I’m not off to an auspicious start. However, I do have 500 words written on my NaNo project as we speak and another 200 just finished before I began this post. While I may not be at NaNo Calendar’s 3300 word count goal for today yet, there is the possibility I could reach it if I work diligently. Unfortunately, I don’t think NaNo calculated a 4 yr old Tornado into their equation. Still, it IS doable. (Maybe if I keep telling myself that I’ll begin to believe it.) Here’s to trying anyway.

I do have a poem for you today. I was listening to JoJo’s Save My Soul and it sparked a line (as music so often does with me) and this is what came of it.



By Jesi Scott


Here we stand,

Both hearts bruised,

Heaving chests trying to catch a breath.

Tears unchecked running down each face,

Trying to make love work again.


How easy it would be

To mend a broken heart

If bolts and screws and gears

Replaced the living tissue.

How easy it would be

To oil the rusted parts,

To flip a switch and make love work again.


But we are only human,

Small and incomplete,

Flawed, we make mistakes,

And hurt with thoughtless words.

We try to scour the scars from our own skin,

But weโ€™re left bleeding and bruised

Trying to make love work again.


Now, I’m off to NaNo. Hope you have a great day, and good luck all my fellow NaNoers!

xo Jesi

P.S. Look me up and add me as a buddy on NaNo’s site. I’m under Jesikay I believe. Also, check out my NaNo post over at Twisted Writers!