Previously Posted Poems

A list of original poems written by me that I have posted to this blog at some point. This is not a complete list of every poem I have written. It may include the titles of all my work at some point but for the time being I will update this after I take something down from the Immediate Viewing section. If you would like to view one, please use my Contact Me page and include your email along with the title of the poem you would like to view. Thank you!

A Truth I Am The Moon
Tonight, I’m Lost in the Woods Perchance to Dream
Sing Me Within You
Eve Meditation
The Kiss And She Cries
Siren’s Call Masks
The Purple Calla  When I
 Bright Eyes  The Dance
 She Dreams  Reflection
 Heart Fire  Wolf
 Adam  The Night Has Eyes
 Beauty Comes On Gossamer Wings  The Perils of Knitting
 A River Flows In You  She Who Knows Me
 That Quiet Place  For My Sons When I Am Gone
 In the Quiet of the Night  Real, Or Not Real
 How She Defies Time  The Sin of Cain
 The Diamond That Makes Music  Incalescent
 The Blink of an Eye  Pygmalion & Galatea
 Transcendence  The Truth of You

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