By Jessica Scott

There is truth in the thunder that you never hear,

The lightning strike that draws ever near.

There are lies in the sighs of a single kiss,

And there are barbs in the arrows that never miss.


The love that tries is a simple hope

That in the darkness you try to grope;

The love that dies and does not remain,

Only reminds you of that pain.


But the heart still tries to hold on and last,

Though, the truth still lies in the past.

But strength is found in this dark place,

As we continue to run in this race.


We struggle and fall but get up again,

Scraped and bruised, and bleeding when

We find that comfort within ourselves,

Which only time and healing delves


We find instead our own worth,

A new beginning given birth,

The truth that hid within the storm;

The heart and soul are now transformed.


© 2014 Jessica Scott.
All Rights Reserved.


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