The World Through Your Eyes

By Jessica Scott

I want to see the world through your eyes.

I want to see the sights you see.

I want to experience the world as if we were one,

To know how you view it.


I want to walk a mile in your shoes.

I want to know how the grass feels under your bare feet,

To know how the touch of my hand feels against your bare skin.

I want to know how an orange tastes to you,

And feel the pleasure of a simple kiss on your lips.


I want to hear the thoughts in your mind.

I want to know how you sound to yourself.

I want to hear the mundane things you think about,

To know your soul as it exists in this time.


I want to know you as you know yourself.

I want to know what drives you,

What pushes you to reach for your dreams.

I want to see myself as you see me,

And know your heart as I know my own,

To feel those emotions that course through your body,

To know love as only you can.


And in knowing how you see the world

I will love myself better, and see my heart as only you can see it.

Then I can show you the world through my eyes,

And you will know how much I love you.


© 2014 Jessica Scott.
All Rights Reserved. 


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