The Nightingale and the Rose

By Jessica Scott

Why sing so sweetly, Nightingale

In your nest above?

Why sing so sadly, Nightingale,

Have you lost your ladylove?


Where did she go, sweet Nightingale?

Why leave you alone so?

Can she not hear your beautiful song?

How does she not know?


Come to me, sweet Nightingale,

I’ll give you a warm place to rest.

Live with me in my sweet bower,

Come and be my guest.


I’ll make you a soft pillow, Nightingale,

A place to rest your head,

And you can sing your song to me,

As we make ready for bed.


I’ll keep you safe, sweet Nightingale,

I’ll shoo away the doves.

I’ll give you my heart, dearest Nightingale,

I will be your love.


So sing more happily, Nightingale,

Sing to me, my dear.

I was always your lady, Nightingale,

I was always right here.


© 2014 Jessica Scott.
All Rights Reserved.


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