By Jessica Scott

 They say we were made from dust,

And to dust we shall return;

All these minerals and compounds that give us flesh and form,

Will go back to the earth that we came from.

These eyes that see such beauty in life

Shall become blind and go back to the dirt,

And be blue no more.


Yet, are not the stars made up of these same minerals,

These same materials that our bodies

Are made from?

Were we not formed from the dust of the stars?

Do we not carry something of them within us?

We glow and shine from time to time,

And give off that light

That the very stars themselves emit

To show us our way in the dark.


We are stardust;

We were made from the stars.

In the end we shall go back to the stars,

And shine our light to lead the lost home.


© 2014 Jessica Scott.
All Rights Reserved.

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