Shatter Me

By Jessica Scott

I live inside this shell of glass,

With gears and bolts made of brass.

Porcelain flesh, fragile and thin;

Upon my pedestal I always spin.


I look through eyes that never move,

And dream of days that never improve.

I feel a settling of days gone past,

An endlessness that forever lasts.


But my heart beats fast whene’er I hear,

The music in the dark that I hold dear.

I come alive; its beat plays strong,

What power is there within this song?


Shine a light upon this heart

Before I freeze into this part,

A living doll, an act to play,

Revolving, turning, day after day.


Reach inside, break this shell,

I’m tired of living in this hell.

Shatter my soul, make me come alive,

For I’m ready to take that dive.


Fear holds me in its grasp,

Slash these strings that my body clasps.

Free me from this nightmare dream;

Save me before I scream.


Shatter me, free this soul,

Before I drown in this hole.

If I break this glass I will fall

Who will catch me, hear my call?


But it’s time, I hear the music again,

My heart beats fast, and then,

I know what I must do; it’s time to go.

So, I play my song, fierce and slow.


Porcelain flesh cracks and breaks;

My mechanical heart begins to ache.

My feet begin to dance and move,

The pedestal does not approve.


‘Keep going’, I hear, so I play true,

I see the light, the glow of its hue,

It echoes within me, but not in vain

I move my feet and dance again.


The glass explodes;

I know what this forebodes,

And as I fall, a thought bursts free,

I was the one to shatter me.


© 2014 Jessica Scott.
All Rights Reserved.


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