Little Boy Blue

By Jessica Scott


Little Bo Beep has lost her sheep, somewhere in the meadow.

Where they are I don’t know, but she’s left it to you

and I to find them. And me, not being a shepherd

but a poet, you really should come help,

instead of taking a nap behind that haystack.


And why do you have that horn?

I don’t know much about sheep but

were I in their place, a loud sound like the one

from that horn (and I’ve heard you blow it),

well, that would frighten me, set my heart


racing. I would run the complete opposite direction

from wherever it is the sound is coming from.

But now, those cows in the corn?

Well, I know for fact cows are stubborn, lazy creatures,

and they have no business being in the corn,


so I can understand why the horn would help there.

But that’s still no excuse for sleeping when

there’s work to be done, and me, not being

the one who looks after the sheep, can only

hope that the wolf I saw in the woods


that surround the meadow, the one who was on his

way to Grandma’s house, being a friend to Red Riding Hood

or so he says, won’t double back when there is such

a delicious, and free I might add,

buffet on the dinner menu tonight.



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