Because I Can and It Is Fun

I had to do it. I said I might, and I did. Thanks to the Blogging A to Z Challenge, I met a fellow poet and he wrote this poem that I had to respond to. Al, this is for you.


Moms Know All the Answers

By Jessica Scott



“Apples taste better in pies,

And thoughts are made from sighs.


“Dreams become stories for the stars.

And you know that you know what you know

Because I tell you so.


“Smart little mice tell clocks the time,

And inside you, there is indeed a mucus-y pot,

Though I’d rather you use a tissue to wipe your snot.


“Santa goes on holiday, and visits his friends.

The moon and the sun are twins, brother and sis.

No matter won or lost, battles are sad. Remember this.


“Your socks are taken by the mischievous dryer monster.

Light is made from love, and it warms you bottom to top,

You left your soul on the floor and probably forgot.


“Now go tell your dad, I’m sure he’ll be impressed.”


“Wow, Mom, you know everything…you’re the best.”