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      It’s almost that time of year again. October Poetry Writing Month at OctPoWriMo! I’ll be joining in the fun this year in more ways than just writing. I’ve volunteered to help out with whatever they need me to do so maybe you’ll see something more from me than just a poem. Anyway, if you haven’t linked up yet, please do so here (click for the link). Hope to see you there and I can’t wait to read your poems!   <3 Jesi 00

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        Far-Sickness By Jesi Scott   She posts her pictures online for all to see Her adventures in a foreign land; Pictures of buildings and rocks and statues And flowers and trees, Places and things I’ve never seen But ache for as if exiled from home, My desolate soul heartsick for a place I know in my bones I belong to As surely as I know every curve and edge Of my own face in the mirror, Though I’ve never once stepped foot Upon its shores.     **Photo courtesy of Beth Teliho and poem inspired by her trip to England and a different photo that didn’t work out…

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    Mending A Broken Heart

      Good morning, everyone. How have you all been doing? I have been doing great actually, for the most part. 🙂 I know it’s been a bit since I’ve written on here but mostly because I’ve been doing more writing offline than on. Usually when I write I post whatever I’ve written almost immediately but that’s brought me to a point where everything new is being posted. That makes it hard to come up with new material that you haven’t seen that might go into a book. And it looks like I may be getting to the point where I have an actual book of my very own poetry to…

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    In the Mirror

      When once again into this life comes someone who leads us into ourselves and exposes the truth we shun,   We have a tendency to run And hide, fearing we Aren’t good enough and deserve the mockery We know will come at our expense.   Until we dispense With these inaccurately perceived notions And learn to see the loveliness within We lose out on so many sweet emotions.   So don’t be afraid; you need to see the picture clearer When next someone shows you the beauty in the mirror. 00

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    The Mating Game

    It’s cicada season in my backyard, and pretty much everywhere I go. Not just cicadas but frogs too. During the day all I can hear is the whirring, rattling sound of tiny prop engines calling out to each other. At night its the chirruping of frogs in trees or bushes. Obviously, the mating game is afoot. I don’t mind the frogs so much; their soft croaks aren’t really croaks at all, not even in the sense of it. The sound is more like some sort of loud cricket or night bird. But the cicadas…they have got to stop. It’s bad enough seeing the husks lying around (although once they’ve abandoned…

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    I Need A Vacation…

      Recess (Going On Holiday) By Jesi Scott   “Come and play” the soft voice whispers in my ear, And I open my eyes to see who is there. “Come and play” it whispers again As I rub and stretch the sleep from my skin.   “It’s nice out here. Come and see.” But I ignore the words and drink my tea. “Please come and play. I’m lonely and bored.” Instead I read the news and leave the voice ignored.   “Won’t you at least look outside?” I glance at the pile of dishes needing to be washed and dried. “Isn’t the sky looking especially blue?” It does remind me…

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    We Should Be Free

    It’s not about you, It’s not about me, It’s not about who you think I should be. Because it’s about you And it’s about me, It’s all about how we should be free.   Because it’s about her And it’s about him, It’s about being happy with the color you’re living in. It’s not about hate, It’s not about sin, It’s about being able to love the one you’re with.   And it’s about standing Up for what’s right, Raising your voice to join in the fight To be who you are To see past judgmental eyes And love the broken and bruised and comfort their cries.   Because it’s…

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    No idea if anyone is seeing this but sending it out into the ether anyway. First new poem of 2018. Enjoy! She lived her life dessicated, An arid desert in the heat of summer… Dusty sand that scours raw the skin And the few crumbling brown plants, dead for lack of moisture. Then came the storms With drops that hissed and sizzled, And drowned the parched land Bringing life to the xeriscape, And hope bloomed in profusion.   00

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    No Grave News Today

    Hey y’all! How have you been? I hope all is well in all of your little sphere in this great big universe. Mine has been chock full of ups and downs, mostly downs as I can’t seem to keep my blog working. One minute it will upgrade and work for about 30 seconds, and then it crashes and is down for a few days. Jetpack seems to have been to blame and I’ve had to uninstall it. This means, unfortunately, that I don’t think the email subscription is working. I am trying to get this problem fixed, though I am concerned I am going to need to switch to a…