Absolutely Random Post Because I Cannot Think of a Topic Tonight

Today’s post is brought to you by the makers of Random and Rambling, Inc. I have absolutely no topic picked to write about today because I spent the day taking down Christmas decorations while kids were in school. Yesterday’s sunset marked the beginning of Twelfth Night and tradition states that it’s bad luck to have Christmas decorations up past Twelfth Night. So I busted my butt to try and get everything down. I have most of it packed and put away but I’m leaving the tree up through tomorrow because tomorrow is my third son’s birthday. Jack (real name is Jonathan-he picked Jack when he was 2) will be 9 and tomorrow I will have a post just for him, complete with pics. We’re actually going to celebrate this coming weekend but tomorrow I’ll bake a cake for him and make his favorite meal, meatloaf. I make a really good meatloaf according to him. I love this kid.

The cold from yesterday has now subsided into a dull headache which is preferable to the stuffy head I had yesterday. The Sudafed I took kept me up all night (again) with only an hour of sleep. But at least the cold is (maybe?) gone for now, hopefully for good. Thought I’d update you guys on that. Because, you know, it’s just that thrilling. Excuse me while I go bang my head against the wall. Maybe I can knock a topic into my brain, what do you think?

I know. How about random things about me.

  1. I can roll my tongue all the way to the left and only halfway to the right, and I can fold it on itself. That’s supposed to be genetic. Only two of my kids can roll theirs to the left only.
  2. I love the Tron Legacy Soundtrack!
  3. My favorite bird is a cardinal but every time I see one it’s an omen of change coming. This has NEVER FAILED to date.
  4. I love the Sydney Opera House and seriously would love to go there and see a show. I love that building.
  5. I love love love music. I would rather listen to music than watch tv and I always have music playing during the day. I listen to everything but alternative/indie is my fave. Except that one of my favorite singers is Josh Groban. I am nothing if not eclectic and weird.
  6. I love singing and have never had a lesson. I don’t think I’m all that bad despite what my son Sean says. And I can belt out Summertime by Gershwin like nobody’s business. And lately, Ed Sheerhan’s Lego House has been getting lots of love.
  7. I love to dance. Granted it’s not great but I taught Sean to waltz, sort of.
  8. I have seen every single Elvis Presley movie and that was before I found out I am a distant relation through my paternal grandfather’s ancestors.
  9. I’m also one quarter Cherokee through my Papa Scott as well.
  10. Also through him, we can trace our ancestry back to 1050 a.d. in Sussex/Kent, England. Robert de Dene is our earliest known ancestor. He was a ‘pincerna’ to King Edward the Confessor, which means he was the household official in charge of wines, foods, and all beverages served to the King. It was a position of considerable trust and regarded as an important position since royal poisoning was always a fear.
  11. Yes, I think that’s incredibly cool. I have noble blood running through my veins, which makes this one picture my mother has of me as a baby absolutely hilarious because I have this haughty look on my face. She loves that picture.
  12. I hate that picture. It’s horrible because I am not haughty at all.
  13. Ironic thing about all that is that ever since I was a little girl I have believed that I should have been born British. I’ve always wanted to live in London. It is my favorite city on earth.
  14. My favorite concert ever was The Moody Blues. I saw them in the 90s and in an outside amphitheater in the summer. Best.Concert.Ever.
  15. I’ve also seen Yanni and Paul McCartney in concert. The Moody Blues is still the best concert ever.
  16. I dislike my nose. It’s too large for my face.
  17. I have the best step-mom. She has a Mary Poppins doll that I used to play with because that is my favorite childhood movie with Antoine St. de Exupéry’s The Little Prince coming in a really close second. I love Gene Wilder, especially in this movie.
  18. My friend Tracy got a copy of The Little Prince in the original French to help me with my French.
  19. I should go ahead and install my French software and get started on that.
  20. I can read a little Spanish and I can understand a little when it is spoken slowly. I took two years in high school and really need to go back and re-learn the basics.
  21. I want to learn Italian.
  22. I taught myself some Russian years ago but have forgotten it.
  23. I taught myself to knit and I’m not afraid to try any new skill. I love learning new things.
  24. I have almost died four times-pneumonia at 6 months old; nearly bitten by a rattlesnake when I was ten and home alone; extremely severe allergic reaction to a medicine when I was 16; when I had Sean (my eldest son) he was 7 weeks early because of some rare hormone imbalance that nearly caused me to hemorrhage-it is so rare that even my doctor had to look it up and I never had it happen again.
  25. I have never been afraid of dying or of death. I don’t like losing my loved ones but I’m not afraid of death itself.
  26. I am afraid of snakes and suffocation.
  27. I am allergic to practically all antibiotics and morphine. Go figure. Good thing I don’t get really sick enough to need antibiotics very often. Currently, they give me Cephalexin which I am allergic to but I can take a Benedryl and counter the effects.
  28. I hate Benedryl.
  29. I had a cat that was raised by the dog I had at the same time and the cat could, and would, bark. He was Winter and he passed away two years ago to cancer. Stupid cancer.
  30. By the time I was in the fifth grade I was reading at the level of a high school sophomore.

There, hope that’s been interesting enough. I promise to have a better post later. Sleep sweet everyone!