A Woman’s Caprice

Good morning, poppets! How are you? I am here and I survived the weekend. What is it about Sundays? The only reason I look forward to them is because of my writing group on the 1st & 3rd Sundays of the month. Other than that, I really would rather just skip it altogether. Sleep through it and forget that it was there. Yesterday was definitely a hard day to get through and I’m glad it’s over. Friday night was good, Saturday was pretty great, but Sunday just sucked the life out of me. No idea why either. So, let’s skip past that and get to today’s post, right? Right.

So, I had this brilliant idea to change my blog theme Saturday night. Yep, again. (At least you can’t say I’m averse to change.) That has now led to a complete web site makeover. I’m not sure if the theme you see now will stay or not. We’ll see. I told you at the beginning of the year that good things are coming. Well, here’s a little inside information about those things. There are plans afoot for a newsletter which, if you subscribe, will get you access to previously blog-published poems (currently inaccessible), firsthand news about upcoming book/collection releases, and possible giveaways of things like this:

Blog Stuff

I’m still working on the giveaway idea so that might be a while away but it’s a future idea in the making. Maybe a contest giveaway or something. That’s still in the idea phase as well. I’m also working on additional graphics and buttons for sites, etc., but I’m excited to be thinking about it and designing my logo and all of it. It’s fun to see your ideas in action, you know?

Also coming in the near future are more video posts as well as possible monthly podcasts. What think ye of that? I’m not sure what I will have to speak about that could possibly be entertaining but there is the idea of having guests (ahem-Amber, CJ, possibly Amanda as well who is a treasure trove of information on writing. And maybe Lizzi from across the pond if I can figure out what I need to do that-fairly certain it isn’t hard but I like to do things the hard way apparently) in the podcasts. This will either be a good thing or I will fall flat on my butt. But, that’s the point. Take risks, get out of my comfort zone, and make mistakes. You get the ability to learn from my experiences, as well as others, and maybe that might be worth something to you.

So, guess what this is:


This is actually research. This is what is inside.

bow2Well, not the arrows. That’s separate. What you are seeing is a beginner’s compound bow. I took my first archery lesson on Saturday with a recurve bow. A recurve bow is what Katniss uses in The Hunger Games. A compound bow is quite different. It allows you to pull the bow string back and hold it for a set period of time without your arm tiring. Basically. In the picture above you can see the pulleys at the top and bottom of the bow. Those pulleys actually help determine how far back you pull the string. You can feel the bow string “lock” into place when you reach the distance you should be at. Another added benefit to a compound bow is that you do not have to remove the bow string. On a recurve bow, the string must be removed so it does not stretch out. And let me tell you, that’s a pain in the royal behind to do. The one above has a draw weight of 25 pounds. That means how much weight you can pull back. Yes, I’m puny, but I’m a beginner and haven’t worked on any upper body strength in years. Other than picking up kids. The recurve bow I had my first lesson with has a 55 pound draw weight. I couldn’t pull that back almost at all. I got it a quarter of the way back and that was it. But, I did manage to hit my target. Once. So, I’m going to learn on a compound bow to begin with and work on my upper body strength as well. Then, I’ll go back to a recurve bow.

Now, what makes that research? I came up with the title for my poetry collection and an idea for the cover art. No, you don’t get to know just yet. Also, Anna from The Book is in a world where guns don’t exist but bows, swords, and magic do. So, it made sense to begin something I’ve always wanted to learn. Plus, it was F.U.N.!!!!

Okay. Now for the last couple of things. First, I was asked by Lizzi, to guest blog this Friday over at The Well Tempered Bards. Yay! I am so excited about that. My first guest blog. Check me out over there on Friday. And secondly, it’s Monday’s Muse. New poem written last week.

Have a great Monday everyone!

xo Jesi

P.S. I promise I am working on the site but don’t be surprised if you come back and don’t see any changes right away. There’s a lot of little things that have to be done to html codes and that takes quite a lot of time to get right. Thanks.


Let Me Off This Ride

By Jessica Scott


It never stops;

The merry-go-round spins full-tilt

And leaves you grasping the bars tight as you can

So the momentum doesn’t throw you off,

The centrifugal force grabbing at your legs with strong hands.

Hold on, don’t let go.

Close your eyes and don’t think about the world dizzily spinning by.

It’ll all be over soon enough,

And as long as you stay on the ride

You can claim your status as Strong,

Unbeaten, King of the Merry-Go-Round.