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A Thank You, a Shout Out, and a Request

Oh my gosh! I can honestly say that when I woke up this morning I had no idea of all the good things that awaited me. It’s a Tuesday which meant just another normal day in my days of the week, “there is nothing either good nor bad, but thinking makes it so”. (Hamlet) I truly did not expect what has happened.

Good Thing No.1:

I have been following this musician on Twitter.

1764085I am a big fan of Peter Kelly. I love his music, a little John Mayer/Jason Mraz with a bit of Five For Fighting. I listen to everything, as I’ve said before, but this type of music speaks to me in a simple, earthy way. It’s like sitting on the grass under an oak tree with the breeze caressing you as you watch the sun rise or set.  (Or maybe you’re sitting on the beach, or a rooftop.) Peter’s music touches chords with me, especially his song Maybe as well as Tailwind. I’ve tweeted responses to him on Twitter a few times not expecting replies, just a little “hey, someone is listening” type of thing, and he has replied. Last night he tweeted that he was up late working on a new song so I replied back, and in the course of a short conversation I told him about the poem I wrote back in November that was inspired by his song Fear of Landing. (Seriously, that song stayed with me until I sat down with it and just wrote what I felt from it. I have no idea what was behind his inspiration for the song but mine was fear of entering a new relationship after the loss of one.) Then I went to bed. This morning I woke up to see that he had responded and asked if he could read the poem. So, after things calmed down from morning activities, I sent him the link. And he liked it. Then he asked if he could retweet the link, and I said yes. I was so honored and pleased. My day was made. He also put the link up on his Facebook page and he said I could share it. You guys, this man is awesome! He is a fantastic musician and a class act. Do me a favor and go download his music. Do it now! Then come back because I have more to tell you. And, Peter, you are my Favorite Person of the Day/Month/PossiblyYear. Thank you!

Good Thing No.2:

I have been blog/Twitter friends with Taylor Eaton for a year now. Her blog, Little Write Lies, is a flash-fiction treasure. Taylor has an incredible gift for conciseness, and her stories are like coming across a trail of bread crumbs in the forest. Follow them and you might be surprised at where they lead you. Last year she self-published a small book of flash fiction stories about the moon that are just incredible. They are unique, imaginative, and very well written proving that Taylor is a natural story-teller. Today she has the collection on sale for $.99. People, that is a deal and a half, I promise you. So please go and download her ebook, The Suicide of the Moon: And Other Stories, here on Amazon. Then, go follow her blog and join her mailing list so she will send you more stories.

Good Thing No.3:

I have been asked to participate in 1000 Voices For Compassion. It is a brand new Facebook group that is trying to do something wonderful. The group would like  “to get 1000 bloggers to post on the same day, writing about compassion, kindness, caring for others, non-judgment -and let’s also include self-compassion!” How incredible is that? I am honored to be included, along with Lizzi (from Considerings), CJ (from DYSB Writing), and Taylor (from Little Write Lies). I cannot wait to see what happens. I am inviting any blogger to join in, and invite bloggers you know, and let’s have our voices heard. Rod, Cindy, Dawn, Amber…you guys are invited, too…you don’t have to have an FB account to join in. Let me know if you want to participate and I will add your names to the list. The date set for the posts to go live is Feb. 20 which is also the U.N. World Day of Social Justice. On Twitter & FB, use #1000Speak to refer to the group. Let’s get people to hear us. Join up here:

And don’t forget, you can write a post and schedule it to post before the set date.

Good Thing No.4:

I have registered for this:



What is it? That is the Found Poetry Review’s badge. I have signed up to participate in their National Poetry Month Challenge in April. It seems to be a more detailed project than OctPoWriMo was. It sounded interesting and a way to challenge myself personally to grow and expand. I can’t wait. Keep an eye for that in April. More details to come when I have them.

Good Thing No.5 (and last one):

I was nominated by 50 Shades of Reality for the Very Inspiring Blog Award. Firstly, I was surprised, and very pleased, to see this when I got online today. It truly is an amazing, humbling thing to see-and hear-that you have inspired someone/something. As Peter Kelly said this morning “there is no other feeling like it.” Well said. I will sit down tomorrow and resond to the nomination when I have more time.

Well, people, I need to go. I hope your day has been as awesome as mine. See you all tomorrow.

xo Jesi

Jesi Kay
Jesi Kay, poet and aspiring novelist, was born in the Texas panhandle where wide skies, lazy summer days, and rolling thunderstorms sparked her imagination and left lasting memories in her blood. An early reader, poetry and mythology were her passions. So much so that when she was ten years old her step-father gave her his college mythology textbooks to read, which were full of classic poetry and more than enough tales to fill her romantic and inquisitive nature. Jesi loves reading, art, going to the theater, the romanticism of the Victorian era (but not the missing conveniences of indoor plumbing and central air conditioning), running when the heat and humidity cooperate, and cold weather so she can wear her favorite boots and knitwear. Also, she still has those college mythology textbooks, a little worse for wear over time but still intact and telling their stories to her. Jesi is a contributor at The Well Tempered Bards blog and at

3 Replies to “A Thank You, a Shout Out, and a Request

    1. If everybody keeps telling me I’m awesome and amazing I’m going to start believing it. Geez! 😉
      Of course I’d post about the group-it’s an amazing thing to be a part of. This is how change gets made in the world-by a group of people working together to make things happen. And compassion is a wonderful thing to pass along, isn’t it?
      And I was so thankful today. It’s been an awesome inspiring day for me, 🙂

      1. Well YAY! Awesome, inspiring days to be YOU are brilliant (and far too few in frequency, I seem to find!) and I’m so glad you had a day like that.

        I really hope that this #1000Speak does some BIG things…that we’ve mustered over 300 bloggers in TWO days is utterly astonishing…this MATTERS, people CARE about this, and compassion is absolutely a wonderful, amazing thing to start with 😀

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