Freelancing It



Heighdy Ho, Lunatics!

I know. It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted anything. I have a very good defense, however. I was well and truly ill. First, I ended up with a sinus infection that affected my inner ears and balance. It’s rather hard to write anything when what you are looking at goes a little wobbly at the edges then falls sideways and makes you feel like you are standing in an upside down room. While I was at the clinic trying to discover the reason for that, I was told my thyroid gland is enlarged. There are a few reasons for it (all able to be taken care of easily) but with some of my other symptoms I am certain I was having a recurrence of rheumatic fever which I had back in August/September 2012. (Unfortunately, once plagued with that, I’ll always have to watch out for it. By the way, did you know it’s a form of strep?) Anyway, the enlarged thyroid was screwing with a lot of things including energy and hormones (because thyroid=hormone central) and appetitie. I lost my appetite, had little energy, and had a mild bout with depression. Then, I ended up with the weirdest case of flu. It was practically all sinus and cough and some chills and bad body aches. And it was very contagious. It went through the house like a tornado on Meth. We’re all just getting over it thankfully. Flu shots…never too late to get one. So, yeah, writing was the last thing on my mind.

But, with the bad came some good. I’ve been holding on to some news because I didn’t want to jinx it. Now I can spill the beans about it. I’ve told a few people but today was my first day so it’s official. After several years of being a stay-home mom, I am working again. I have donned a new cap and am excited about it. As of today, I am officially a freelance writer. I am working for a media agency ย writing for their business clients. I can work as much or as little as I want and take on as many clients as I can handle. And I’m getting paid for it. Best of all, I get to work from home. It’s entry level work, of course, but everyone begins somewhere and I’m happy to be working and writing, even if it’s just tips and fun facts and historical information (among other things). It’s a step in the direction I want to be going and I’m really looking forward to it.

Other good things? My second niece had a baby girl she named Aubrey and made me a grand-aunt for a second time. Very happy news. Also, Lizziย visited again and I got to see her and hug her and wrap her in a lot of love (pre-flu, of course). And I met Hasty!!!! Such a beautiful lady in person! Beth was there and Tracy and Jen, too! We had a great time, or at least I did. Gotta love being around writers and creative types. We have interesting conversations.

So that’s what’s been up with me. I’m hoping to start writing posts again soon, but it may be intermittent as it looks like Chez Lunatic may be moving into new digs in a month or two and there’s a lot of packing that will have to be done. I don’t mind moving but I HATE packing. No matter how much I actually do purge and donate or recycle or lose, it’s still leaves So. Much. To. Pack. We hates it, Precious. We really hates it.

Hope you are having a great Tuesday, and if not, well…at least it isn’t Monday and you are one day closer to the weekend.

xo Jesi